What is this plane doing?

No landing area and it’s a legit flight. I would accept it if it was a private plane buts it’s not.

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You quite often see planes on Flighradar without a complete flightplan, could be an error in receiving the information or maybe they have changed their FPL etc. At that altitude it’s clear it’s landing at Bristol.

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Its a private airplane. IF you go on now and look at the Dash near it has not destination

Just spotted this glider.

Flightradar24 only recognizes regularly flown flights with a certain flight number.
Seasonal charters or only occasionally flown flights show up without a destination.
Happens all day, perfectly visible when airports like LOWI & LOWS use their winter flight programme.

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i don’t think it was going to bristol they would usually be a lot lower and i think arrivals usually fly over the bristol channel then come in to land, maybe its going to wales.

I just checked and it looks like you were right, it landed at Cardiff Airport twenty minutes ago. Thats my local airport too. Maybe it’s not a usual flight as @BavariaAVIATION explained.

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Yep I know because the good flight like the British airways aircraft always go over central Bristol or over bath and as I live in between I usually miss out on the great planes

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