What is this on the 757 wing?

i just found this what is this on the 757 wing?

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Hey mate,

This is a known issue that the developers are aware of. Hopefully it is resolved soon!


oh wow while looking through othe topics ot was bakc in 20.3 I thought it got fixed by now
Thanks for letting me know


Your comment… never explained what it is, you just said its a known issue.

I’m pretty sure it’s part of the gear sticking out of the top of the wing. Is it there when the gear is extended?

It looks more like the actuators under the spoilers, which lift them up when necessary

It has nothing to do with the gear. It is simply an issue where polygons under the wing are shown, in this case, the spoilers.

This issue isn’t specific to the 757-200, and while it is being looked into, it’s not an easy fix.

Take a look at Seb’s reply below:

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I know it’s that, it’s just that the mod didn’t explain what it was, just made a comment about the devs that they know about it.

He’s not a mod. And the answer was obviously sufficient for the topic creator :)

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