What is this name tag?

I saw this during pattern work today

What does that Mean?

The mod or IFAE?

IFAE means Infinite flight Aviation Experts. It is a VO.

The purple tag is because @tomthetank is a moderator. Staff have blue tags and developers have Pink tags

Hope this helps


What does IFAE do?

Just Tom sitting at the airport showing off his new 777 😞 πŸ˜‚


Its an exclusive VO, the best in IF!

[IFAE] ||| Integrity - Respect - Professionalism

Check out the link above for information on this VO. If you have any questions, PM me as I am also a member of it 😊

Welcome to a scientific examination of the display name β€œtomthetank - IFAE (Mod)”:

Part of the Callsign Meaning
tomthetank It’s the display name of @tomthetank. Don’t confuse with Thomas the Tank Engine
IFAE The Infinite Flight Aviation Experts. Great VO!
(Mod) This means that he’s a moderator.
Purple color This means that the user is a moderator. Same as β€œ(Mod)”. But two indications are better than one!

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