What is this line?

Hey guys. Im currently doing EIDW-KJFK, TS, and i went into normal cam, as u do, and saw this weird and kinda strange line of like white stuff, do any of you know what this is? I looked at the map, and im not near any possible land!


Here is an even better shot of it

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My first thought was an island but idk man.

Unidentified Line

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That would be an island. :]
(Also, nice doggo. )


Ive just realised that it is an island! And yes, he is very cute 😁🐶


Off topic comment… Buy a screen protector 😡😡


Haha, will do 😉

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What’s your callsign for this flight? Let me try to dig deeper into what exactly that was

Looks a bit late for that :)


It might be a rendering issue with your screen does that happen when your in other apps also?

I think its a bit late, but its shamrock 888

Ah yes, indeed

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can you do me a favour and pet ur doggo for me


Will do :)


Alright cool. Found it.

That island is Sable Island. This island is a small Canadian island situated 190 mi southeast of Halifax, Nova Scotia. It is federally protected by the Canadian Government and Parks Canada! The island is most famous for the Sable Island Wild Horses and is also home to the world’s largest breeding grounds to grey seals.

Sable Island has a long and fascinating human history which spans more than four centuries! More than 350 vessels have been wrecked due to rough seas, fog, and submerged sandbars surrounding the island, earning it the title “Graveyard of the Atlantic”.

Read More about this interesting island:

Good find! It’s always great to learn something new! Enjoy the rest of your flight! :)


Omg, thats so cool!!

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ayo big fax i was gonna say the same

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