What is this in the air?

What is this in the air ?

Fog? Getting better since 20.2.

Looks like it it’s foggy in England today

Lewis please give it a rest. You asked this question only a few days ago and were given an answer, multiple times in fact. You do this every time you make a topic: it gets answers and you make another topic, exactly the same, within a day or two asking the same question. I can’t tell if it’s deliberately or not to be honest…



As linked above, you have asked this question multiple times now and have received a correct answer multiple times now as well.

There is no need for the same topics over and over again as it eventually gets to a point where it can be classified as spamming.

We enjoy having you apart of the community, so let’s please ensure that we are posting productive topics in the future and not the same topics over and over again.

Thanks for the understanding! 😊