What is this guy doing?

Just finished my flight from london to Lille.
I announced that I will be taking off rwy 27L and this guy (capi Santiago) supposedly grade 4 decided to take off from the opposite side of the runway with 12kts of cross back wind without ANY messages on the Unicom.
Here’s the replay :

A quick reminder : Expert server is where people want to obide by the rules, not for random flights. This enerves me

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If there was no ATC, there is nothing you can do. My best bet would be that he forgot to announce intentions, or couldn’t hear your message. I understand your anger, but sometimes people make mistakes; humans are humans.

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It is frustrating indeed, but there’s nothing much you can do since ATC wasn’t active.


he probably couldn’t hear you, this happened to me recently where you can only read the messages on top and he probably couldn’t see you.

Unfortunately this happens - I had a case where I was cut off by a guy on approach who thought he didn’t need to use Unicom because there were only a few planes around.

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Unfortunately this happens. We will take a look