What is this called?

Has anyone ever seen a plane turning, or hitting turbulence from the outside? If you watched the movie sully, you may know what this is, but, does anyone know what the system is called that deploys the spoilers to counteract a turn? You can see it occur kinda in this video of this a380, the spoilers deploying on only one wing at a time. Does anyone know if this happens when the spoilers are armed, and if it will be added to IF?


These are called spoilerons. Self explanatory in that spoilers also act as a form of control surface for many reasons like extra control during stalls (because ailerons are sucky at low speeds) and reducing unwanted yaw, etc. As to adding this in IF, there’s no confirmed plan of this, so feel free to vote for it

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Basically extra ailerons

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Roll spoilers

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Interesting. I was flying irl on a 777W from TPE-JFK and as we were turning to 22L (my seat was above the wing) I noticed this


To elaborate… The down-deflecting aileron (left wing if your turn your controls to the right) induces more drag than the other wing. Therefore we need to counteract the drag by inducing it on the opposite wing. And that’s what roll spoilers do for us

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These are some roll spoilers in action from the cabin of various planes, all my pictures (A319, E175, B737MAX, A220).


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