What is this "Box" used for?

I was comtrolling at Knuc and saw these on the taxiway and I was wondering what they were. Can someone tell me what it is? Thank you!


I don’t know, I have pondered. But, I saw you controlling me.

It’s a helipad


Seriously, that’s an weird place to put helipads :I

Helipad in the middle of a taxiway?


Hawaiian 12 right? You were in the 767?

Indeed. I 'm pleased to report I am now at 35,000ft cruising my way to KSAN :D

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Well atleast I got you to depart on time ;)

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Yes, ask the government of America. They made the design


I think @Swang007 is a sleep lol we’ll see in the morning what it is.

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Still pretty dumb to put it in the middle of a taxiway… Knuc is 85% unused and they put in the taxiway.

Meanwhile on IF, its an International Hub for travellers. It’s used 100% of the time.

So Realistic ;)


Haha you know what’s funny also if you try to search up Knuc on flightradar nothing comes up since it no commercial traffic is even suppose to be in the vicinity of the airport.


They’re helipads. They are relatively common to be included in a taxiway. Miramar has them too.

The real life ones have a H in the middle, but scenery editors aren’t allowed to draw these incase the runway render tech is improved at some point in the future.


See them on Google maps here:


As people have said previously in the thread, they are helipads. Cam talked about these when the update was released, but I can’t seem to find it. Anyway, KNUC is a military base that’s why they have helipads, it’s not commercially used.

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I thought it was weird as well but there are helipads there IRL so I put them there.


FR24 doesn’t track military aircraft IIRC so they couldn’t show any flights into NUC

KNUC is a U.S. Navy Facility. Prior permission is required to operate to/or from this location. Commercial use of this facility is an IF accommodation. At some point Restricted Airspace and a requirement to pre plan flight operations ulitizing Flight Information Publications could/should be a requirement for Advanced Server Flights. As for runway markings pls see FAA.gov search term : “Runway Markings”. Mad Max (善悪) Sends

(General knowledge Rotate, shot gunned not aimed at you…)