What is this arc?

I’m sure this is a dumb question and everyone can tell me, but what is the little arc on the map out in front of my plane when AP is on? It sometimes is still and sometimes it moves outward from the plane.

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You mean the little line? If so, this is probably showing where your plane is headed.

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It’s called the “banana” and it tells you when you will reach the desired altitude you’ve set.


Banana shows your where your plane is at a specific altitude. If you mean this curved line?!


That’s telling you the point at which you’ll reach your desired altitude based upon your climb rate


To add to the above.
The line shows you the point you will reach the altitude you set in the autopilot based on your vertical speed and your groundspeed.
If you adjust the altitude, your vertical speed, or if your ground speed changes the line will move as the point you will reach the set altitude will change.

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Thank you all! I saw it moving so I figured it had to do with arrival time based on speed or something.

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