What is this aircraft?

I found this on live flight on my Laptop:

It doesn’t make any sense tho but i don’t think this exists in Infinite flight lol 😂


Just a little LiveFlight easter egg.


It’s B777-300ER


How’d you get that?

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This always shows if the livery/aircraft is unknown to liveflight. And since liveflight hasn’t been updated in the last year or so some liveries on the B777s and B757 as well as the aircraft by testers might show like that


Though if you actually look up the aircraft, it does get interesting.

The HZ-1 Aerocycle was intended to be operated by inexperienced pilots with a minimum 20 minutes of instruction.

Hey I came by this post and decide to check it out, didn’t count on seeing this incredible information! Thanks for sharing!

It looks like a segway but for aerial operations xD

a plane aha

Will they ever add more photos for the new livery’s that have been added starting last year on liveflight? I noticed that it used to be just aircraft that are being tested. Now it is just a lot of plane livery’s added in the past, but they still have no photo on liveflight.

Well, I think this question is for the developers of Liveflight

Lmao I always get that on live flight I get ufo’s and that weird one you just showed

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its an easter egg, was also shocked when i saw it for the first time

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