What is the worst US airline?

Drop below! Which airline based in the US is the worst in your opinion?

Mines would be Spirit!

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I agree. Spirit is definitely the worst in my opinion.

Allegiant worst airline
cabin smells like McDonald’s


United United United

Their not the worst lol. Btw isn’t that what reportoftheweek said?

who is that?

A youtuber who reviewed Allegiant and said it smelled like McDonald’s.

I think it also smells like that

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Is smelling like McDonald’s a bad thing? XD


I think you mean American American American


Allegiant or American

I’d say Frontier. Pretty poor service in my experience, and they don’t have a good on-time record.

Allegiant. Plz dont disrespect Spirt. It is a crime. Lol

Never flown it, but I’ve heard Sun Country is the absolute worst

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The width is worse than the pitch. Don’t waste your money with Spirit. That distance between my knee and the seat as about 1 inch

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I 100% agree with this.

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Spirit in my opinion, but I’ve had pretty bad experiences with United also

United’s Economy Seat pitch is way less than they say, at least on their A320

This isn’t really topic worthy, and really the first post should contain more substance than 2 lines.

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