What is the worst aircraft in IF?

What do you prefer? Mine is the 717, 767 and A380
Edit: The C-17 is gonna give me a heart failure…


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The flying aspect and your least favorite aircraft in the fleet are two separate things. I can say I think the XCub is hard to fly but it doesn’t make it my least favorite plane. In fact, it is one of my favorite planes to fly but is still challenging to fly. Wouldn’t say it’s a duplicate if they are two separate things. :)

My least favorite plane in the fleet is the C17. Definitely needs to be reworked! The aircraft itself is a beauty and deserves much more attention as it is one of the oldest models we have in the fleet. Anyways, there is an available topic that is very similar to the objective and goal of this post. I’d suggest to check it out as they have a cool system to rank their least to favorite aircraft in the fleet on the topic linked below. Cheers!