What is the windiest landing you have ever completed?

Whats the hardest landing with the most winds youve ever landed safley in

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49Kts, on solo mode :) ;)

Can’t say it was paticuarly safe, but no-one died! :) ;)



I want to try that. Did you use wind gust and Velocity at max

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Yep, I did! :) ;)

EGUY with 1000 knots+ wind

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Good one ;) @HV9690

Hahaha I remember it lasted for a week or so

37kts at Ontario with a little 737 BBJ! I was getting blown all over!

35kts in a 737-700 at Palm Springs

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was about 35 kts at KLGA…had to go around twice…

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You were with me when I had that landing. It was one of my first group flight before IFEP @Omari_Joseph

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glad you remembered it…

Highest landing points I have ever earned. That was with my 737-900.

good stuff Thomas…

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I just did a 49 know wind velocity and gust with severe turbuelence landing in an emirate 777-300er the wind was coming in directly to my left so i used full ridder amd my landing was only around 100 fpm

Uhm… I’ve never experienced more than about 40 knots gusts in Infinite Flight Live.

The most dangerous one was maybe at Miami with a B738 some months ago, it was not hard (I hardly ever land roughly), but while slowing down the plane slides heavily to one side of the runway and finally in the grass.

Most recent ones, a few days ago at EHAM gusts up to 33 knots, my B737 touched down first on right tires, and I was not aligned with the centerline.
But the landing itself was incredibly smooth.

Anyway, it must be said that in IF the planes react too rudely with gusts.
Watching YouTube videos, gusts up to 40 knots don’t let the planes bank as much as the IF ones would do with only 20 knots…
Also that heavy and fast movement of the throttles trying to maintain a speed looks pretty strange…
A friend told me that his buddy, which is a real A330 fleet pilot, while letting him trying out IF, wasn’t able to control the aircraft with “only” 15 knots crosswind.

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Give us a proof.

In solo mode 49 knots, at Cisco, with the Citationx.
In the real life, I remember a flight from Zurich to Amsterdam.
I was passenger, very bad weather during all the flight, on final approach to Amsterdam, the plane was yawed many times of many degrees under wind gusts.
Don’t know the exactly wind’s intensity, but after my landing, the airport was closed for two hours 😳

Anyone try landing at New York’s LGA or JFK yesterday in the afternoon during the thunderstorm?

Quite a nasty storm that blew through and the airport must have had some fun weather to land/takeoff with.

Why do i need proof. It was extremely easy. I loaded an Emirates 777-300ER and set all winds to the max coming in directly from the left. It was loaded to 23 percent. I used full rudder and the landing was under 130fpm. And i was perfectly alligned with the runway the first try.