What is the weirdest modification you ever saw on a plane?

What is the weirdest modification/sticker you ever saw on a plane? mine is this…
Weird, isn’t it?


Can you point out what is weird about it?

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I’m not sure what you are saying here. Maybe clear it up a little bit?

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The 320 does not usually have 4 wheels on the MLG


Oh I see it. He said sticker so I was checking the livery.

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Ah I see, thank you

I mean, did you ever see a weird/funny livery or modification like this? image


I’m just trying to figure out how on earth this is aerodynamically possible lol

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it is for extra traction.Used in places that may be needed such as India,and africa.Assists with grip and makes things easier in bad weather.(Monsoons)

A flight attendant smiling and going past a person who had their socks off.
Someone shaving in their seat in economy because the lavatories were full.
Someone who put a sheet of paper over the window instead of you know shutting the shade.
Someone trying to pray in their seat then hitting their head on the seat in front of them.
I have traveled a lot and seen lots of interesting things.


Yeah, the title should be edited to physical modification, not ‘on’. People like the one above me think this is about being on a plane.

That a320 btw is very old and it has old suspension, which is why there is double bogey (not sure if I said that correctly) Anyway more modern planes only have one bogey because the suspension is more advanced.

Just a friendly heads up :D

Spirit Airlines painting their aircraft like a flying highlighter


Seeing a CRJ or ERJ (Can’t remember, long time ago) takeoff like at a +30 degree angle at KLAS
Still so confused as to why… but…

Something similar to this…


Wow air. Who paints a plane purple?

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Someone with a poor business model?


Definitley. And it showed because they no longer operate.

I will change that in a few moments!

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Actually, this is incorrect. Indian airlines ordered A320s with double bogies for use on unpaved strips. When Air India took them over, they were transferred over to them.

I think it’s a good idea to attract attention
Spirit airlines did the same thing with the banana yellow
There all trying to copy the “simpsons success” of attracting attention
I don’t know if that’s true but that’s my theory