What is the use of a 'touch and go' IRL

Hi, i was wondering why pilots make touch and gos in airports around the world. What is the use of them and what is the point?

They use it to train approach and landing and to get a feeling for the aircraft.

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But how come i see videos of airline pilots of for example emirates doing it?

It could simply be weather conditions. The wind could change just after the aircraft touches down which may force the pilots to go back up again for another attempt. In other cases, the manufacturer might be testing the aircraft before it is delivered to the airline. Or, it’s just pilot training.

For example, in this video the winds were quite strong which caused the aircraft to float along the runway for a long time. The pilots executed a touch and go because the remaining runway wasn’t sufficient to execute a safe landing. ⬇️

However, in this video, the aircraft was being tested by Airbus before being delivered to Emirates. This is something that all aircraft do before they are delivered. ⬇️

Hope this helped!


I’ve seen Qantas A330-200 pilots training at Melbourne Avalon for example. They fly circuits and do touch and gos.


And that is what touch and go (as pilot’s training) looks like on FR24:


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