What is the trim

Can someone please tell me what the trim is used for. I have experimented with it and it seems pretty cool but idk the purpose of it and can it help when taking off and landing?!

Check this out ^^

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Also check this tutorial out made by @Mark_Denton.

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Thanks a lot


My example of use with 737-700 :
I’m FLAPS 15° 170 kts I engage auto approach.
At 10 Nm DME gear down
At 8 Nm DME I calibrate phone.
I keep on deploying FLAPS until 30° speed 142 kts, meanwhile I trim to +15%.
So when I release auto approach the aircraft doesn’t sink or soar.
Trim is a yoke compensator.
In real Airbus isn’t automatic, in IF you have to adjust it.

I’m FLAPS 15° 170 kts I engage auto approach.
At 10 Nm DME gear down

I hope you aren’t getting too annoyed by the warning horn doing it that way ;)

Boeing proc. No warning
I disengage auto approach at 6 Nm, it’s more fun. (sooner than Boeing proc)

Trim doesn’t do much in IF besides effectively recalibrating your device. The only thing I use it for is protecting against violations in the 787.

oh there is :) flaps 15 without the gear will get you a nice warning horn until you put the gear down. doing it in the order you are is definitely not Boeing procedure. PM me if you need some help.

Trim is the stick we instructors use to beat the student with!!!

“Let go of the stick Bloggs and shall we see if we dive to the deck or scream skyward!”


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