What is the Strangest Airport/Airplane PA Announcement you Have Heard?

I wanted to give @Gwen a second chance by making a form for her!

So here we go, say you are in an Airport Terminal or on an Airplane and you hear an announcement. You probably have heard them in the past. So my/@Gwen’s question is, what is the strangest announcement you have heard? For lack of a better way to phrase.

Let the madness begin.

Also, keep it clean.


I’ll take the honors of going first :)

"Ladies and Gentlemen, We regret to inform you that Turkish Airlines flight 626 to Istanbul has been delayed for One Hour due to a Stray Dog near the aircraft, the SPCA has been called and we hope to be boarding by 11:40PM. Our Business Class Passengers, Star Alliance Gold Cardholders, and Miles&Smiles Elite and Elite Plus Members(AKA me hehehe) are invited to return to the premium lounge. Thank you for your patience


“Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Tokyo Narita Airport, where the local time is 5:30 in the evening. Unfortunately, due to a pipe break in the arrivals hall, we must remain on board the plane at the moment. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

That was actually a month ago…


I love it lol


I actually have a funnier one, hold on a sec.

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“Ladies and gentlemen, jetBlue flight 1013 to Long Beach will be boarding at 12:25am (delayed 8 hours). However, there is an earlier flight to LAX if anyone would like to switch, as there are a couple of seats remaining. I would personally not recommend it since the LAX traffic would not save you any time. But that is your choice. Once again, if you would like to switch to the LAX flight, please approach the desk at gate 12 at this time. Thank you.”

That’s all I remember.


“Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. We regret to inform you that the flight deck has spotted an isssue with the fuel tanks. We will update you as the situation progresses.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, we are ready for pushback and everything has been fixed, we thank you for your patience.’

5 mins later

“Ladies and gentlemen, it comes with deep sadness that the flight deck has spotted another issue, but this time with the system, we’ll need to wait until the issue is fixed. We’ll update you as the situation progresses”

We had a 4 hour delay.


Not mine but they paged “Epstein Coverup” at San Diego.


I am so tempted to pull a Bart Simpson now with the paging.


Omg, I was there too. UAL79, from EWR to NRT. They held us in the aircraft while they waited for the pipe to fix. It was hectic. What a coincidence.

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I was on United, LAX-NRT


The strangest one I ever heard was onboard a LH B737 in FRA (translated from my memory I to English:)

”Ladies and Gentlemen, for your information the light will go out for amounted while we unplug something in the flight deck to plug it in somewhere else here. Just so you aren’t afraid when the lights go off, thanks.“

Then we sat on the parking position with only emergency lighting and the cabin crew making fun about the aircraft being that dark after all!


I couple years ago I was on an Virgin America flight from KSFO to KPDX, and one of the flight attendants said “welcome aboard Alaska flight 1952 with direct service to Portland, Maine!” Gasps spread across the the aircraft, and she comes on the PA no more then 10 seconds later, and she sort of corrects her self. “Sorry about that folks, we ain’t going to Maine, we’re going to Medford! Oh, wait, my bad. Portland Oregon. Sorry about the confusion!”.

An hour later, we arrive in KPDX, and the same lady comes back and says “lady’s and gentleman, welcome to Seattle! Oh hell. We’re not in Seattle.” Goes off the PA presumably to ask where we were, and comes back “sorry folks, welcome to Portland! Sorry for the confusion!”.
I though it was a joke until I talked to the pilot.
It was a real. She actually didn’t know where we were. That was pretty scary…


I was on a flight from San Jose (SJC/KSJC) to Seattle (SEA/KSEA) on Southwest Airlines when we hit some turbulence causing the pilots to have to turn on the seat belt sign.

The flight attendant then came on and told us that it was worse “back in her days.”

After landing, we got stuck on the taxiway while waiting for airplanes to takeoff from Runway 16L and the flight attendant came on and apologized to anyone who needed to use the bathroom and told us that at least we weren’t on United 😂


“Good morning, welcome aboard American Airlines flight 119 with service to Kahului. If you look to your left you will see lots of people standing on the ramp along with some fire trucks. Turns out it was for a fallen firefighter or something.


How long ago was this picture taken?

Great one!!

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“Ladies and Gentlemen, we regret to inform you that we have no running water on the aircraft. Please use the toilets only in emergency, so we do not spread the germs from not washing hands. In the case you need to go, there will be bottles of water in the back of the galley for you to wash your hands.”

5 hours later
“ladies and gentlemen, coming from the flight deck here, we have now ran out of all water bottle on board this aircraft. We did think about diverting to Amsterdam or London, but we have made an executive decision to continue onward. We will talk with you again in the morning”


OMG! I can’t imagine being on that plane 😂😂


What flight was that