What is the Strangest Airport/Airplane PA Announcement you Have Heard? [Part 2]

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So yeah, we had part one but that shut down so now we have part 2.

@Gwen, I am doing this again, so don’t shiv me.

So here we go, say you are in an Airport Terminal or on an Airplane and you hear an announcement. You probably have heard them in the past. So my/question is, what is the strangest announcement you have heard? For lack of a better way to phrase.

Let the madness begin.

Also, keep it clean.


Not really strange, but mainly funny. I was landing at DFW and it was really NOT butter, and the FA said “Sorry, we landed with the autopilot on”. Of course she was joking but it was still something that I wasn’t expecting. 😂


“Welcome to your destination,” “thanks for flying with us.”

It was pretty crazy


I was on a flight from IAD - MSY and we were boarded but delayed at the gate and the captain was talking about… I don’t even remember. I just remember he did bring up that he was married for 25 years.


This is more funny than strange. When i was flying to Florida on Saturday, my parents were talking to the guy who was scanning our ticket before we boarded the plane. And the guy said there were only 24 pax, so my family took up 1/5 of the pax. And my dad says, “This is our charter flight and we’re just letting some extra people on” When we got on the plane the same guy came over the PA before we pushed saying “Welcome to the Jonesyes that’s my last name Charter Flight” and so on. It was kinda funny he remembered us saying that to him earlier


Mine was the standard safety briefings and basically your regular flight attendant announcement starter pack except that they were so monotone and just straight down to business.

Meanwhile, the flight I took a week before, the crew were your standard Chick Fil A employees. It was fun! They even let me inside the cockpit.

(I put a watermark of sorts on this baby, so you best not use it without the proper clearance)


hearing my first and last name being called on the whole airport PA in KMSP saying i left my debit card at starbucks and to come to the service center to get it…


I don’t fully remember this announcement, but in a Frontier flight back to Denver, one of the flight attendants was talking about bears when we landed. Idk why but that was what he talked about

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my flight crew was rapping the safety briefing lol

What airport was it at 😂

“Ladies and Gentleman we are currently having problems with one of the doors, it is not allowing us to pressurise the cabin. All issues should be fixed now and we are just waiting on an engineer to sign the plane off. Thank you for your patients.”

It was a 40 minute delay, we were not told anything until 35 minus after departure time

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One of the flight attendants was actually drunk on my flight, honestly scary but he said some weird things.

He said: Ladies and Gentlemen, we are landing in Hong Kong so please fasten your seat belts and prepare for landing.

He said this while we were parked at the gate and about to pushback which was funny but I had a weird feeling about it.


You better be joking 😳

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Emm, did they find out he had had a few?

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When I was younger my family used to go to Puerto Rico or the Dominican Republic every year for Christmas, we always had the same flight attendant every year! We flew Jetblue and the guy liked to joke around with PA announcement and make everyone laugh. The funny thing was when we landed everyone was clapping and then the captain came on the intercom and he said that we shouldn’t be clapping because it was a bad landing 😂


I was in a local flight in france and it’s was the last of the day for this airplane (Paris-Marseille) and the pilot said “welcome on this flight to toulouse” and 5 minute later he coming back on the mic to say “sorry it’s was the wrong airport” Lmao it’s was reassuring


When our guy said our plane should be departing in 5 minutes then 5 hours later we are still there.


Hearing the captain say brace for impact

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We were on a 738 after all the max issues and the FA went over everything he could to describe the plane’s life and the safety of the 737. Took about 10 minutes and was pretty funny.

Omg wait did I come up with one of those topics that go on forever 😂

I was on ethiopian flight 500 to Washington DC from Addis Ababa via Dublin. We landed in Dublin and the flight attendant said
“Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to Washington DC ah sorry Welcome to London oh god welcome to Dublin”

The whole plane was laughing