What is the status of METAL project?

So an year or so ago I read about Infinite Flight team working on Project Metal which will allow the devs to add real clouds and realistic lights in the simulator. Additionally, other things like volumetric effects, real-time shadows, texture improvements etc…so i checked the blog on the website but there’s no update since Jan 23 2020 & I would like to know the status of this project to know exactly when to expect if not everything but dynamic lighting as flying in night is a nightmare…so anyone with info reply in comments.



Project metal is an ongoing revamp of their app that they are doing. It isn’t a single update type of rework. In fact, metal changes have been released with each update. It’s how we were able to get buildings, clouds, animated pushback tugs, and more!


Ohh I see !! That’s good to know…thanks a lot for information :)

Really waiting for decent lighting and smooth transition between clouds & more realistic clouds…devs really putting their hard work as IF has come a long way <3


OH, I thought Project METAL was in 1 update.

I’ll say it’s most likely due to the fact that project metal, despite how it’s perceived by the community to be the gateway for tons of graphical improved, is quite a boring thing to discuss.

Sure, it has metric tonnes of opportunities for performance and graphics and whatnot, but all it really entails is more of a backend rework that doesn’t directly push out new features on its own, leading to very little to discuss between a developer and a consumer without being technical to the point you lose all of your audience, minus the one nerd who knows what you’re on about.


Too bad… I would be that one nerd…

Here’s something of an update for you. We’re working on Project Metal constantly, but there’s a lot of groundwork to do bringing a lot of our graphics codebase in-house before we can go and re-implement it with a newer engine. At the moment, we’re still in that stage. With every update comes a small change that helps, and unfortunately that will almost invariably introduce new bugs but also help performance in many cases. There’s no such thing as bug-free software, but rest assured we’re always working through the critical ones.

A good analogy for Project Metal a while ago was that it’s like changing the engine of the plane while it’s flying. At the moment, a lot of the engine’s inner workings are old and not as efficient as they could be, so at the moment we’re working through that. Simultaneously, we’re also swapping out small parts of the engine, making it better bit by bit. This will continue for quite a while, but eventually we’ll get to the point where it’s a completely new engine. Or is it… any IFC philosophers who get the reference? Hope that makes sense :)


Seems fair enough…now that sounds challenging !! Thanks a lot for providing detailed information about what’s going on behind the scenes !!

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