What is the standard maximum frame rate?

What is the FPS capped at when using “limit framerate” and when not?

I’d say it’s roughly 30 frames per second at maximum.


Yep, it is probably around 30FPS like Chris said.

If you turn it off, it brings it up to around 60fps.

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Is that without limit framerate or with it enabled?

With it enabled it has a ceiling of 30 frames per second. At least from what I seen while verifying. I stopped checking and I always keep limit frame rate enabled. There’s no need for this simulator in its current state to run at 60 or 100 frames per second otherwise the application wouldn’t be suitable in supporting such a broad range of devices with varying hardware and operating systems.

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Thank you for the statistics.

I’m no developer by any means and at the moment they are hard at work so hopefully this information filled in well under the busy circumstances. Blue Skies!

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