What is the smoothest landing you have got! (NO MORE REPLIES)

hey all!

searched for a topic similar to this and couldn’t find one that was open so i decided to start my own!

So down below 👇🏼write your lowest VS you have got up on landing!

starting with mine! i got a -37 with a a330, i gotta say that aircraft is a butter machine and defiantly one of my favourite aircraft out there!

write yours down below, and the aircraft you got it with! 👇🏼 )

There’s already a pretty similar discussion happening with this topic.

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There’s a competition by @anon38496261 somewhere.
Edit: @Nate_Schneller linked it.

that said mine is -39.

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ahhh yeah just saw it now… it didn’t come up when i searched it up but it’s alright i’ll head to that thread.

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