What is the smallest airport you have been to?

From way back when:


The smallest airport I have been to is Mount Isa Airport (YBMA). The biggest aircraft that can go there is the 737-800. All the outback scenery around it makes it a nice approach.

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I went on a trip to Europe when I was really young, I don’t remember much so I can’t answer that. I guess maybe the only one I remember would be… Vareadero in Cuba? Or maybe the main one in Turks and Caicos?

N40, largest aircraft you could land is probably a PC12! It’s a tiny town airport and I fly with my uncles in his C182 there!

Smallest airport I have been to was Vieques Airport on the island of Vieques off the coast of Puerto Rico. The largest plane that serves it is the Britten-Norman Trislander, which I flew from Vieques to San Juan on the airline Vieques AirLink.

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KMKG Muskegon county airport. Has one route and that is to Chicago o Hare on United express operates by a crj 200

That would be… DFW!

Na I actually don’t know but I think it’s KDAB- Daytona

Flew from ATL on the Mad Dogs and 752 a few times

Idk the largest plane that visits DAB but maybe a C130? I do know A330s and 767s have been there

Horrible quality but yeah…

Nice! I fly there to visit my Dad. The rocking chairs are awesome. And of course the Great Smokey Mountains

My answer is airport X51, Homestead FL, for a glider flight

Halim Perdanakusuma. Even though it can handle The 747. Still considered as the smallest airport I’ve been to

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Yeah I visit my grandpa there, I flew on United’s ERJ-145xjr, we flew through a couple of storms

Colorado Springs for me, I flew frontier from Mco to Cos

The smallest is KTNN Trenton Mercer Airport.

My home town Airport.

3D1. Flew in and out of it a couple times for some ferry flights with a family friend

3CK, Lake in the Hills Airport

KJAC. Biggest plane is a United 737-800.

Hokitika Airport (NZHK) in New Zealand. Biggest plane a Q300 operated by Air NZ. They used to operate a beachcarft 1900BD before they were retired.

Got diverted to Rochester after circling KLGA for an hour due to fog.

3 gates I think. They didn’t want to let me leave security because KROC wasn’t the point of origin on the ticket. I told them they were crazy if they thought I was going to stay in essentially a work break room for 12 hours. Went to Niagara Falls in the interim, so not a lost day.

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KBJC, KMKG, KTVC (Small Class C), KEIK, NS7, KBDU, KGUC (Class E)
Out of the Class E NS7 was the smallest


Arusha, HTAR. Flew through there en route to the Serengeti and Kilimanjaro.