What is the smallest airport you have been to?

What is the smallest airport you have been to, and flied from?
And what is the biggest aircraft that can serve there?

For me it is Sørkjosen(ENSR), biggest plane there is Dash 8 200 (it is the same size but bigger number;)

What is yours?


Skavsta Airport (ESKN) - with the biggest aircraft to daily operate in/out of there being the Airbus A321

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Florence Airport in Italy. The runway is super small. I believe the airports biggest aircraft is a A320, but loaded lightly.

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It was a really long time ago, back in the late 80s, Bardufoss, Norway and was probably a Dash-8

Military wise, probably Abu Ghraib … It had a permanent LZ. Instead of the usual convoy, was able to snag a UH-60 Blackhawk flight from Camp Victory. The largest helicopters I’ve seen there were MH-53s, CH-46s and MI-24s. You could probably also land 2 or 3 V-22s there

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TYS in Tennissee


I guess noone in the community flies to small airports

I’m sure a lot of people do. But more often than not a lot of people will drive 2 hours to a bigger airport rather use their regional airport in the US to save a few hundred dollars.

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Dodoma Airport, Middle of Tanzania. Largest aircraft a Cessna 208 Caravan.

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It was EVLA about 5 months ago. I was on the midnight Air Baltic flight from Riga (15 minutes😂😉) just for the fun of it. It’s only flight is the Q400 to Riga

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Fun fact, I live only 3 hours away from Bardufoss

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Wilkes-Barre/Scranton (KAVP)

International Airport is Peoria Airport. The airport baggage claim is so small and the terminal gate waiting area is compact. CRJs and ERJs usually operate out of their. They used to fly the Allegiant MD-80 as well but now they put A319 out of their now

But now I fly here because this is the best airport in the world


Peachtree Dekalb (PDK/KPDK) or Tallahassee International (TLH/KTLH). tbh TLH is smaller than PDK I think lol

A helipad in the Gulf


Either KMGM or KMYR

MGM has a “mom and pop” coffee shop thats only been open one of the like 6 times ive flown there. thats it for service at the airport… i think largest into the airport is probably CRJ’s? Though C130’s fly out of it on the military side

N87, little tiny airport, no commercial traffic. I flew GA there.

KRSW with JetBlue A320

Poprad-Tatry airport in Slovakia (LZTT), biggest is A321, but there are only few flights a week. Few times a week Wizz A321 from London and in winter Air Baltic Q400 from Riga. I have flown there from London.

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Back in the day I used to fly to SECU in Ecuador. Nice tiny little airport with some gorgeous scenery and high elevation :)

Elh in the Bahamas biggest plane is a crj 900