What is the Smallest Aircraft You Have Been on?

I am Jacking your ride with this one. (Pun intended)

What is the smallest aircraft you have been on?

For me, it was one of the smallest aircraft that actually flew. It is located at Pearson Field.


The R22, and C120.

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ATR-42 for me


I got to fly a Cessna 182 Skylane once.

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C152, ew…

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a brand new 2018 Piper Archer LX

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Sounds like fun!

Saab 340 the smallest

For me, it was the CRJ200 from BZN-DEN. Pretty nice experience overall.

Photos taken by me while waiting to board/boarding at Bozeman.


The smallest as in riding as a passenger, would be the CRJ200.

For piloting, it would be the great and powerful Cessna 172

DHC6 Twin Otter

Smallest commercial aircraft, the R44 and the Cessna 206/207

I think the A319. I am not sure though

Cessna 172, the aircraft I’m learning to fly.

For me it was CRJ-200 (commercial one) and Diamond DA-40 (private one)

Smallest plane I have flown on was a Delta CRJ-200. I fly them about once a month! :)

Saab340 and Cessna 152

I will allow it
Smallest for me is a JetBlue E190 JFK to St Martin back in 2015

Commercial: Dash 8-100
Airscrew: Bell 412
GA: Piper PA-28 Cherokee

The smallest has to be the A320 for me.

Flew with it when I was 5 months old. Them when I was 3 years and lastly in 2018 :)

SAS was the first two times and Lufthasa was the airline I flew with last year when boarding the A320.

Other smaller ones I’ve flown is Aeroflot and Etihad - A330-200 and -300 respectively.

Also Qatar Airways, Boeing 787-8.