What is the Slowest Speed You Have Ever Landed at?

I looked at the How Fast have you ever landed forum and wanted to make a slowest speed version. What is the Slowest Speed you have ever landed at without stalling? How long or short was the runway and where did you land it?


in LEBL at 100kts flaps full in a A320 VUELING route: EGLL/LEBL

track length: 10.997x197


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I once landed in Zürich (LSZH) at 1kts in a Cessna 172

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I think 1KTS ground speed when I was flying the Super Decathlon on a 75kts headwind 😁


135kt into lax

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Touchdown was below 115kts quite a few times for me in the A330/A320/A346

110 knots crj 200

If we are talking Airlines, Commercial Jets, then the slowest has to be 119kts KIAS.

While on GA, Cessna I’ve landed at 57kts KIAS.

All I can say is that the 119kt landing which was with a 777 wasn’t clearly your smooth butter 😝

Ps. Wanna add that I have landed up to 3 times a 747 at the speed of 124-126kts… someone might’ve gotten injured… :/

Landed at Halifax

@Springbok777 that’s interesting

I consistently land the TBM around 50-65ias, but the slowest I have landed is probably 40ias in a C172

50 Knots with a Cessna 172 at 1MA5, Unknown Field

-10 knots Super Declathon in Solo, I just had to seee if i could land backwards with max headwind speed. :P


Ok, I have to go try that now

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and just did it at -34kts


Challenge Accepted.

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I’ll just say one word… Fumes lol.

Apart from the A330 which has amazing ground effects the rest is speed on touchdown not on final while still on the air

Your new speed to beat, -43kts

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Jaja using lebl, as me. So strange 😂😂.

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I believe I landed a 767 at around 89kts before. And landing a 737-700 at 72kts at KSAN. Both landings were not anything close to smooth Or what you guys call it, butter