What is the shortest flight you can fly with a passport?

I am aware that the shortest international flight is from St. Gallen, Switzerland to Friedrichshafen, Germany, but what is the shortest flight you can fly with a passport?

I presume you are asking what the shortest flight you can take with a passport being necessary. To answer would be a border town airport (probably GA) to an airport in another country that has customs. If you found the shortest possible route than this would be the answer.

Seattle to Vancouver, I think.

It’s not a scheduled flight, but I think technically if you had your own plane, you could fly from Kinshasa N’Dolo airport (NLO, FZAB) in the DRC (Democracy is Republic of the Congo) to Brazzaville Maya-Maya airport (BZV, FCBB) in the ROC (Republic of the Congo). They are approximately 10 kilometres apart.

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I believe it’s Anguilla to St Maarten. 10 minute flight.

I don’t suppose Geneva to Geneva counts as its not actually a flight but it is interesting in that the airport straggles the French and Swiss border. The airport has a Swiss and French side with passport control in the middle. It’s (sort of) possible to board a plane in Switzerland and take off from France. I’ve only ever flew into the French side, crossed the border into Switzerland at the airport to hire a car on the Swiss side, then drove it back across the border to France (car hire cheaper in Switzerland).


Probably Cuba

I dont know which route it is, but it is 1 min and 49 seconds ong

You should fly one of these - that’s a hell of a story.
“I spent more time in customs than in the air!”

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Cuba to where?

No I meant from were I live Cuba is the shortest International Flight

Which is Atlanta

I flew from St. Maarten to St. Barths and it was 15 min long and I needed a passport. Not sure if it’s the longest but it’s definitely up there.

Well obviously we wouldn’t know unless you add that location in your bio.

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There isn’t one from westrey to papa westrey in Norway I think

Same in Basel-Mulhouse Euroairport. This airport has 3 IATA Codes, BSL, MLH and EAP and 2 ICAO LSZM and LSFB. Some time ago you could book cheaper flights from MLH as from BSL, but the same plane. Theres also 2 customs, 1 for switzerland and 1 for france/EU.

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Thats in Scotland, and its a domestic flight

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the 10-minute, 12-mile trip between Princess Juliana Airport (SXM) and Anguilla’s Clayton J. Lloyd

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