What is the safety distance between an aircraft departing, and another landing?

For exemple, let’s suppose there are massive traffic departing the same runway, and Aircraft A is inbound for landing the same runway. Until what separation distance from Aircraft A, and the threshold of the runway, I can clear departing aircrafts for takeoff ?

I try to find the response on others topics but I didn’t find it.

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Clear them for takeoff right before they exit the runway. Bigger planes might have trouble exiting the runway so give it more time.

I’m sorry, I must not be clear, but it was not what I asked haha.

My question is : at how many nautical miles for an aircraft in Final, should I let the runway totally clear for his landing ? Meaning stop clearancing for takeoff aircrafts departing ?

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Its really something you get the hang of naturally and it depends on multiple factors on the airport. For example, it will be different based on wind, speed, do they have to backtaxi, etc. In my IFATC career, the closest I will go is around 4nm with an immediate takeoff, this usually works if the aircraft on final is around 130-145, otherwise I will do 5nm.

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Yeah sure I forgot to precise but it was for an aircraft in final with his final approach speed on runway can be evacuated, and entering by taxiways.

I will take notes about the 4/5 NM. Thank you so much !

Major point is aircraft type and speed as noted by Aceorbit above. If you have a TBM 4 miles out and going 90 knots, you should have enough time to get one plane off the ground. I would even argue that this is possible for 3 miles out.

It all depends on various conditions, which is why there’s no “set” limit. You can have a general rule, but not every situation is going to allow for the same procedures to be followed.


Ok I better understand now. Thank you for all informations given !

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