What is the roughest landing you have experienced in real life

I was wondering how bad some Landings can get so I made this topic and I’m pretty sure it ain’t a duplicate.

My roughest Landing was on a Delta MD88 Heading into KATL,the weather was stormy and we had some pretty moderate turbulence heading in.As we approached the runway,I noticed we floated and then bam,a really rough landing,if I’d had to guess it was -600fpm ,some passengers kinda freaked out and there were those passengers who screamed of course.

Let me know your roughest Landing experience ! Comment about it!TBH I kinda like rough landings.

How rough was your landing that you experienced ?
1 is roughest ,8 is smoothest

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Had an EXTREMELY hard landing flying into McCarren Intl’ in Las Vegas, NV couple years ago. Was flying on an Alaskan Airlines 737-800. Very strong crosswinds that day, touched down on the runway way later than a normal landing would be. Hit the runway pretty hard, bounced back into the air, landed again and felt the plane go off center line pretty drastically. We were coming near the end of the runway, thought 100% for sure we would take off for a go around. Nope, captain managed to get the plane stopped literally at the end of the runway. Was pretty awesome, others didnt think so lol


Wow I’m pretty sure a go around would have been the better move in this case


It’s amazing how us aviation geeks can look at near death experience in a different way 😅

I once had an experience we took of from Wellington airport in NZ in a huge storm. We took off more or less sideways. I couldn’t help myself, but I loved it.


I know right
When there is some moderate or heavy turbulence I get excited and hyped

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Windy landing in a Saab 340 into KFLL…

Those things bounce around like crazy!


I was inbound to New Orleans from Dallas and descended through some fairly unstable air due to storms. I knew it was going to be bad when the captain secured the cabin well before hand and had the attendants stay seated.

We were descending and outside of the window all I saw was clouds. Then the crosswinds picked up so we were all over the place. Next thing I know i see a radio tower poking through the clouds, then I see a street lamp, then BAM we hit the runway. It felt like the gear was going to come through the bottom of the plane.

The trip was notable for a few reasons. First, this was the roughest landing I have been in. Second, this is one of the very few times I have actually seen the attendants scared. Third, somehow my luggage ended up on a Delta plane to Chicago so I had to wait a few days to get it back.


My landing was a Delta 739 into MCO from LGA, and it was very windy and when we touched down we were all terrified!

2011 on a 737 flying back from Miami Florida terrible landing at LGA worst I’ve ever experienced needless to say the fight was pretty rough as well

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All I’ll say is that I was on a Ryanair 737 😝


LGA’s short runway means that pilots try to slam the plane down as soon as possible. No room for error at LaGuardia.


true but usually i never have a really hard landing like i had experienced that night at LGA i had a smooth landing back there by some delta pilots about a year ago

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This was about 10 years ago, and even back then i knew the A330 is butterer… something… butter landings… yeah anyways, everything seemed fine, it was a usual descend and but the A330 just second from landing, throttled up and just slammed down with all gears pressing towards the ground. It was not a nice feeling for the quite a few elderly people who was on the flight and got frightened… luckily no one got hurt.

Me i was 6 or 7 back then, i didn’t think much other of landing other than, where is the butter, i will always remember that non-buttering A330 landing, the only one i’ve ever had… horrible 😱


I had a flight a few years age heading into Philadelphia. We we landing in the middle of hurricane Irene. The descent was a roller coaster. The captain literally yelled at everyone to stay seated. I knew when the captain has to yell at you it wasn’t going to be pretty. There was almost no visibility, i think we were really close to minimums. Anyways we touched down and bounced twice before stopping. That wasn’t a smooth landing. I think I was the only one on the plane who thought it was cool. Everyone else was sacred.

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I was inbound to Dublin Airport on a Ryanair flight from London Gatwick to start a four day trip out there and all I remember from the flight was my ripped seat and extremely rough landing. The weather was perfect that day with a a small wind but the landing was still awful. I heard a few “ooooos” because that is how hard we landed. However, I flew out again to Dublin this year with British Airways and the weather was awful, strong winds, low cloud and visibility yet i did not even feel us touch down! The landing was very smooth. It really shows how airlines train their pilots.

Edit: Ryanair 737-800 - Bad Landing
British Airways Airbus A319 - Good Landing


The roughest landing I’ve had was on a Ryanair 737 crosswind landing.

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I was on a royal Jordanian A310 a few years ago and we were landing at LHR and the the plane bounced twice then it came with a huge shake! Everyone was stuck to there seats and I was just smiling because it was fun!


Yeah Ryanair are known for their rough landing. unavoidable in a 737. Unlucky I have experienced them…

When I came back to Anchorage from Seattle, in Alaska Airlines, I had a pretty strange landing. It was hard but not too hard. (It’s because I am used to the very smooth landings of JetBlue every time I go to Puerto Rico or Ft. Lauderdale).

I recently flew from KDEN-KIDA on a United Embraer ERJ-145. This was my first flight as a 6’1” person so I had to duck my head down to get in. The cabin looked ancient, and I later found that it was 15 and a half years old. When we landed the entire cabin was shaking and you could literally hear the breaks squealing. It was pretty rough 😂