What is the point in small airfields?

Do anybody see the point of having these airports

Yea, for people who want to go island hopping and for those who just want some nice scenery in a little Cessna. They are not just there because they are something people “threw in”. These are actual IRL airports and just higher the realism.


Yep. I’d get bored if I could only fly between the big airports. Some of them could also probably handle the bigger planes to if you wanted to do something different

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<img src=“//cdck-file-uploads-global.s3.dualstack.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/infiniteflight/original/3X/8/e/8eb6ed08bffa2dce18e258c973cf14ab2fa30b88.png” width=“666” height="50

Ok, you want to remove all the lovely little airports. Why don’t we remove KLAX aswell? They are there for the same reason!

They are real life airports in the region. Although some of them see to less respect in terms of use and quality, several are serious contenders for the most spectacular airports in IF.


All I did was ask about the airports I didn’t want them removed 😒

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So there are airports where Cessna’s can land.

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But have u seen those airports that are grass runways

Yup those are cool too:)


I’m sure people who love to go to ‘airport hopping’ in Seattle still want these (me)

We also need space for the true pilots who can fly a ‘D’ @Maxmustang


Why remove them? Defeats the prupose of having GAs at all. Though they don’t get close to as much traffic at LAX, with IF being a very popular game in at least the Apple App Store, there has to be a population of people who fly there, of which I and a couple otheres here are.

Open up your eyes; stop being so close minded. Not everyone in the world is like you


@Frontierfan2004. Max Sez, Welcome to the Forum “young man”! You’ve been here for 40 days and you want to rid us of small & dirt fields! Great introduction! Am sure your a trash hauling sort of guy. Just fly that heavy iron son, pretend your an Airline Captain and you’ll eventually qualify for the Advance Server, as just another Peanut… We’ll be watching your progress. Good Luck, with this attitude you’ll need it here!


In Embraers, and small buses and boeings, I’ll fly to these airports, even ones with dirt and grass runways, because the game allows me to do it. My style is I’ll spawn at KLAX, fly to another airport, no matter how busy or private, leave the game on to do something else, and fly back into KLAX. Breaks can be from fifteen minutes, to an hour, to rarely few hours. Back before Live, I’d take off of KDXR, my actual local airport with gray runways, and fly to a airport near my relatives or somebody I know.


Where is Max going to land his Super D?😂
If only I could land a Super D anywhere😞


You might be a bit late with that Carson, jus sayin… :-P

Better late than never;)


But they are still real life airfields.

If you are in an emergency situation you can’t fly another hour to an international airport. You have to land.

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Don’t bring up emergencies😂

But the nee-naw car needs love! :(