What is the point in putting a SID/STAR in my FPL

With the new update which we are all amazed by, I was beginning to wonder what the point in using SIDs or STARs.

To increase realism, to facilitate the traffic so busy airports don’t clog


So apart from making lives easier for ATC and more realism, there is no other reasons to use SIDs and STARs.

Please note (as so that I won’t have a bunch of haters on IF) That I do use SIDs and STARs and most likely always will

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It’s up to you using SIDs and STARs, however in the expert server, at busy airports, is required to have a SIDs and STAR to your flight plan


SIDs and STARs are procedures designed specifically to guide aircraft into and out of airports efficiently and safely. They’re made so that the altitude restrictions on the SIDs and the STARs separate the traffic flows and and avoid conflicts. If you look at the system of SIDs and STARs around London, for example, you’ll see that they’re specially crafted to separate and clear the flows into and out of City, Gatwick and Heathrow. When you use them in IF you’re taking advantage of the hard work that went into designing them and make the controller’s life easier as they can usually just let you fly the procedure with some minor adjustments to speed

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In real life you also have the benefits of less noise pollution on top of the ones mentioned before, as SIDs (especially) and STARs often avoid towns and cities when possible.

Other benefits can be terrain clearance amongst others.

And if the airspace is free, and there are no conflicts with traffic/terrain, a direct is often a realistic option too.



Also to not look like a noob

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