What is the oldest plane in Infinite Flight?

What is the oldest plane in Infinite Flight

Oldest in terms of added to the sim - the C172.

Oldest in terms of not having a rework, the C17 and the F/A 18.


Currently in the game, the oldest planes are the C-17 and the F-18 among others, they don’t have animations at all! The A380, C208, F-16, E-Jets, and the 767 are also some of the oldest from way back in 2012.

You can check this out to see when all the planes in IF we’re either added or reworked:

Now, if you’re talking about each plane’s real life age, the oldest are the P-38 and Spirfire.

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According to the history of Infinite Flight, one of the oldest aircrafts in Infinite Flight is the Cessna C172 Added back in 2011.

You can learn more in the below topic.


This doesn’t answer your question but I was surprised to find out the SR22 was the second aircraft added to the sim! Updated in 2014 though.


The S-22 is the oldest


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