What is the Newest (or oldest) plane you've flown on?

Hello IFC, I thought it would be interesting to see the ages of some commercial aircrafts our members have flown on.
My top 4 newest planes:

  1. Turkish 77W (reg unknown) from IST-IAH in 2015- aircraft was a week and a half old
  2. Southwest 737 8 MAX (N8701Q) Just over a month old at the time (2018) from BOS-AUS
  3. Norwegian 789 (G-CKWC) 1.5 months old at the time (2018) from AUS-LGW
  4. Emirates 77W (A6-EQB) 7.5 months old at the time (2018) from DXB-DFW

My oldest:

  1. Icelandair 757 “80 years of aviation” 26 years old at the time (2018) from KEF-JFK
    I’ve flown on so many SWA 737s, idk the regs, they might be like 19 years
  2. American 757 N197AN 18 years old (2019) MIA-UIO

What about you guys?

EDIT: GA/museum visits not allowed. You have to have flown on the plane, and it has to be commercial. I’ve been in a 70 year old WW2 plane and flown some 30-40 yr ols cessnas, it doesnt count. Commercial only please!


N964TW, a 20 year old American MD-83. Flew it two weeks before it’s retirement.

Will post pics after I land at JFK in 3 hrs but I’ll probably forget

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Nice! I flew an AA MD- something when I was like 6 from DFW-AUS. No clue what the reg was or how old it was. We sat in the back. It was loud. Very loud.


That’s the best part lol


I was really young (not to mention sleepy) so I didn’t like it haha


A 3 week old SAS A320neo (EI-SIA) , and then a 30 year old MD88 with Delta (N932DL

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Airbus A320neo (Lufthansa)
Airbus A220-300 (Air Baltic)
Couldn’t tell which one was newer.


Boeing 737-300 (Air Baltic)

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Here are some of the newest ones:

TAP Air Portugal A330-941neo, first time I flew it, it was CS-TUB and about 7-8 months old. The second time I flew on one, it was CS-TUC, and it was about 5-6 months old. I also flew SFO-LIS with the A330neo, and it was the second day of service for that route, so it was a new route but not a very new aircraft.

I’ve also flown a lot of A320neos with Lufthansa, so I flew a 3-month old one in November and I flew a 6-month old one in April.

A couple years ago, I flew to Delhi from San Francisco via Toronto and went on Air Canada, was about 1 year if I remember correctly.

And for the oldest, it’s probably a Lufthansa 744 that’s about 21 years old. However, in April I’m flying on one of Air Canada’s 767s, and some of them are 30 years old.


My oldest aircraft I’ve ever flown on

Aircraft type: Boeing B737-300
Registration: YU-ANI
Age: 34 years
Airline: JAT Jugoslav Airways (Now Air Serbia)
Time of flight: 2011


Nice! I’ve also been on a bunch of newer ish EK 777s, and a QR A350-1000 that was almost a year old to Houston. This year I’m going on United’s 767 from IAH-LIM and back, I wonder how old those are

Emirates 77W A6-EPQ in August 2016, jet was barely 2 weeks old
Kenya 737-800 5Y-CYB in 2014, a/c was roughly 6 weeks old.

Brussels A333 circa 2007, don’t remember reg but it was one of the old 1990s birds.
Emirates 77W A6-EBB August 2018, plane was 12+ yrs but in good condition.
Kenya(Jambojet 737-300) 5Y-KQC? April 2015, A/c was roughly 16+ yrs

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Gonna go eat lunch, I’ll be back. Keep replying guys! Super interesting so far.

Newest: Brand new Alaska 737-900ER (Reg unknown) One of the first flights

Oldest: Delta MD-88 (N992DL) 28 years old at the time. (Retired the day after I flew on it 😢)

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Oldest was probably an AA MD-80 N9628W which was about 20 years old when I flew it the day it retired

Newest was probably N401AN, American’s second A321neo which was about 3 months old when I flew it.

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I mean, the newest aircraft that I flew on was one of the first commercial flights of the A220 on Swiss Airways from Zurich to Paris.

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I think the oldest ones have to be:

N762SW, (Southwest 737-700) which when I flew her, was 18.3 years old.
N911DA, (Delta MD-90) which when I flew her, was 18.5 years old.
N905DA, (Delta MD-90) which when I flew her, was 19.0 years old.
N622SW, (Southwest 737-300) which when I flew her, was 20.3 years old.

N801FR,(Frontier A318, also the first A318 ever), which when I flew her, was 4.5 years old.
N918FR, (Frontier A319) which when I flew her, was 4.9 years old.
N8603F, (Southwest 737-800) which when I flew her, was 5.3 years old.

I have not flown on any aircraft that are younger than 4.5 years old lol, most of my aircraft I’ve flown fall into the 7-12 years old range.

My sources for collecting information:


Delta A220-100 MSP-IAH ~ 3 months old

Delta CRJ-900 MSP-IAH ~ 9 months old

Delta 737-900 ATL-MSP ~ 1 year old

Vieques Air Link Britten Norman Islander ~ 45 years old

Northwest Airlines DC-10 ~ 40 years old

Northwest Airlines 747-200 ~ 35 years old

(These were approximately the ages at the time I flew them)

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Oldest: Allegiant md 83 (at the time of flying) was 33 years old

Newest: frontier A320 NEO (at the time of flying) 3 months old

A6-EUL JFK-Dubai in 2017 (was 11 months old at the time)

N903AN Chicago-San Jose in 2019 (was 20 years old at the time)

Hey @Northwest you’re back 👋

The oldest plane I’ve flown on was C-FTJS, a 28.5-year old Air Canada A320-211

The newest plane I’ve flown is N374DX, a 9-month old Delta A321-211