What is the most unique/weirdest airport you've flown to?

For me, it is Taichung International Airport RMQ/RCMQ.
There is a farm literally in the middle of the airport.


Probably Kinmen, Taiwan.

The exterior looks old but the interior was surprisingly beautiful.

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Definitely Santander, Spain (SDR/LEXJ). I lived there for a summer. The airport was so small you could show up 10 minutes before your plane took off 😂

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I flew into Lukla on the C208 Caravan

In real life???

Probably Abuquerque, New Mexico (ABQ/KABQ). Place is so empty at 6pm you’d think it’s midnight (and because of Daylight Savings, it looks like it too)

They have a little observation deck in the terminal (which is really a big window upstairs, but who cares it’s still cool)

Photo was taken by me.

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The most unique airport I’ve been to is KLAS. Ok, you can gamble in the airport. That’s not too common. There’s gambling legit everywhere you look at the airport. It’s kind of cool at the same time though.


Yes, in real life. That is why the thread is in the RWA category.

Bangkok Don mueang Airport were is golf course between runways when i flew thai air asia

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(In Infinite Flight)
I cannot recall what the airport was named but…

who ever remembers this, shoutout to ya!


Yeah, i use that airport to send me to space station Lmao😂😂

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That has to be a glitch.

Oh I remember this ;)

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I think this new Beijing Daxing airport (ZBAD)is unique, I really like it’s termial design, the star shape minimize the time to get to each gate from the center of the terminal. (like about 7-8 mins if I remember right)


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No I’m asking that person if they really flew to Lukla IRL

This is kind of a strange one to put here, KSFO. The runway layout is 2 parallel approaches and the terminals are set out in a semicircular branching fashion instead of the conventional square buildings with gates protruding out of them.

Been here in real life and in IF (the old Bangkok International Airport).


It’s literally a golf course right next to the airport, weird huh?


Yakutat (PAYA), Gustavus/Glacier Bay (PAGS), Barrow (PABR), Nome (PAOM), Adak (PADK).

(PADK) Adak is pretty impressive as its wayyy out there! There are only 2 commercial flights per week.

(PABR) Barrow is the northernmost city in the U.S. It’s pretty cool.

There’s gold in Nome! Go there every summer.

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