what is the most scenic route you have ever taken

This one is simple what’s the most scenic flight you’ve ever taken in IF?

mine was a free flight around big island hawaii in an sr22


Anything over the alps, or EFHK-ULLI

The most scenic route…(sweats intensively) ughhh which one! So many to choose from! Well I would say that any route around the Colorado region or Rocky Mountains is incredibly beautiful! Thoroughly recommend any route around the region. Not to mention that any tropical route is gorgeous! Ever tried key west to Miami?


Just did it today. PAKT (Ketchikan) to CYXT (Terrace). Great area to fly.

Favorite thus far was my approach into LOWI when @GHamsz was working approach and brought me the scenic route in, was stunning.


Anything over Japan is beautiful, passing Mt. Fuji while landing at Haneda is 😍

Approach at KSEA, is another beauty to see 😘

And lastly the Alps, that chain of mountain is sight to behold for miles to go ;)

KDEN-KGUC. Many wonderful views of the Rockies, and a stunning approach through a small valley.

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Tokyo-Cape Town on Qatar’s 787, passed near Mt. Fuji and Everest, passed over the Maldives as well as the Seychelles, before overflying Johannesburg. Didn’t take any screenshots because Im too lazy to do so.

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very nice flight

nice looks like a nice flight

image last one lol. Really nice flight

Anywhere in the mountainas reagon of China (west). Those are some of the most beautiful mountains I’ve seen.

I got two that I can’t decide, so imma just share both.

  1. LEBL-OMDB: Very scenic departing Barcelona over the beach and waters of eastern Spain. After the 8-ish hour flight, I descended into the bays of the United Arab Emirates. My route took me over Doha and straight into Dubai, where I went straight into my final descent.
  2. VIDP-KORD: (Also my longest flight) I ascended over Northern India after takeoff. I was taking the Polar route (the only route lol) and hours later, I was cruising over the Himalayas. Mount Everest was even larger than I could have imagined, but even for a video game, the sight left me speechless.
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EBBR-LIMC, first over the beautiful land of Europe, then a descent into the Alps

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