What is the most scenic airport

As said in the title, I’m curious of what some of the most scenic airports are as I don’t know many and am curious to go explore some beautiful places in Infinite Flight!


Innsbruck (LOWI) is great for mountain approaches and the whole of French Polynesia (NTAA is the main airport) is great for island approaches.

Both have amazing sceneries and approaches.

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  1. Try Komodo Airport (WATO) in Komodo island for some challenging elevated runway on a hill surrounded left and right by small islands with turquoise ocean!

Well it’s only 228 ft / 69 m above the beach but think of it as LPMA between the rocks :)

  1. WAHI or Kulon Progo international airport (3D) in the island of Java has one of the best rendered map detail in IF global! Love landing there just for the view during noon, that long stretch of beach looks really amazing.

It has a special visual procedure too as you cross the airport to descent from an array of volcanic mountain terrain onto the ocean - then loop back to the beachfront - then do a left turn dive to a parallel sea side airport Rwy 29!


Kukës International Airport (LAKU) is a brand new airport opened summer '21 located north of Albania.

Gorgeous scenery better than Innsbruck IMO.
Wizzair have started new routes there alongside tiny Air Albania


Cairns (YBCS) and Male (VRMM) is pretty nice, especially when you arrive/depart from the north/north-east direction, there’s a long shoreline of reefs

or honestly any airports within Central Asia have a great glacier/sea/mountain/desert combined scenery

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You should try VILH for sure, Has a difficult approach, But the scenery is worth the try


Won’t be disappointed.

These All Look Amazing will definitely go to them soon 👀

Try KHSE, Billy Mitchell Airport in Hatteras Island, NC.

It’s only suited for the smallest regionals and GA aircraft with a 3000ft. runway, but the difficulty of the landing and beautiful scenery around the airport makes a hop from KCLT, KIAD, or KATL always worth it.

Try CYLT. It’s amazing.

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I would suggest Queenstown NZAA or Gran Canaria GCLP or Jackson hole KJAC

I happen to really like the airports in Columbia! They are very mountainous and the scenery is amazingly beautiful! 🤩

Liked it! Flew with Cessna 172 at dusk to WATG, rw 09, wow! Nice challenge.
Thank you.

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Try Almaty Kazakhstan it’s 3-D and has beautiful scenery around it

Quito (SEQM) is amazing

VNLT – Himalayas at their best. Quick hop from Katmandu. XCub only if you plan on making a successful departure.

SSGL – Glorious Canada Coast Range with a surprise landing. Fly from CMJN – light aircraft – climb climb climb.

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