What is the most run down plane you have flown on?

Just a little discussion!
Personally I have flown on a Beechcraft 1900 into Nassau, Bahamas. On the decent the plane jolted very hard. Not even like strong turbulence hard. We felt another jolt but much stronger. The left engine abruptly stopped. And that force rotated the plane (the jolt).

Whats your experience?

i havent really flown on many run down planes
edit: once i flew on a 25 year old a321 and you could certainly see its age on the inside but apart from that it was fine

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If it’s “run down” in terms of age then that would be a 22yo 777-200. However the interior was modern and it really didn’t show its age, it did look tired though.

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Yikes. Planes get tired too!

I once flew on a 15 year old ERJ 145. You could tell it was old by the General look of the interior and the way the tires shrieked while landing.

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A 33 year old B737-300. Boy flying on one of JAT’s 73’s was an awesome experience.

This was the exact aircraft I flew on when I was a kid.


Hawaiian B717 or Qantas B767-300

I feel on some older planes the seats are more comfy… Maybe thats just me…

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