What is the most powerful non-fighter aircraft in Infinite Flight?

What is the most powerful aircraft in the game other then jet i am planning to try to climb to 100,000 feet in infinite flight

787 or 777 i think?

Hate to burst your bubble mate but I struggle to get up to and maintain 30 000 feet and when I do I have to listen to the overspeed warning blaring in my ears


Change the aircraft weight to very light…

Cessna Station X. try


I think it’s the 747-8.

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Other than a jet? Does that mean a prop aircraft?

He means fighter.

I can climb to 30,000ft fine in the 787 at 240kts or Mach0.64 at cruise

U can try with all 787 families or the 777-300ER and make the weight in green hope u will enjoy .

Probbably the Shuttle Carrier. Its made for great altitudes

The Cessna 172.


Yes of course. I can just imagine it going at Mach 2.0. Desintegrates 1 second later

Your best shot is the Cessna Citation. Cruising altitudes for this AC can be 50000ft.


Don´t forget the 757. Not very powerful on the ground, but when airborne its quite powerful.
Otherwise aircrafts like the 777,747 and 787 would be my guess.

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757 in its current state is ridiculously overpowered in the air

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All is bla bla. 77w and 748 are the fastest airliners. But u wont be able to go above fl500. Citation as said above you are able to go over fl 900 but you become too fast then to stay in the region. Try it out, but you need a good sense of feel how much vs she can handle without stalling.

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Trim to 30% at 25000ft and climb at around 2200ft/s, you’ll get there.

Indeed. It´s pretty overpowered in real life as well actually.

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I did a bit of training today for the IF Olympics on the off chance they have a bat-out-of-hell race from take off to landing from one airport to another as fast as you can. I managed to knock on the door of 700kts in a particular passenger jet. ;)