What is the most popular IFC home airport?

So I’ve been wondering Which city/airport has the most IF users
Example: mine Cincinnati/KCVG
Have fun and enjoy


Hey you got another CVGer right here. 😉

Did you happen to catch the new flight?


No I had a baseball game last night and it arrived at 11:40

Calgary/CYYC here! Hub for WestJet, Air Canada, and FedEx.

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My home airport is KSJC, but it’s not that popular because everyone is attracted to the nearby airport:


KSFO is a hub for United and Alaska Airlines.

EHAM,the hub for the KLM blue.

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Well BAVA’s home is EGLL
It is the most popular on TS1
So I guess that’s my home!

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I love doing DCA’s River Visual


I hate ksfo so ksjc is fine

What’s wrong with KSFO?

I really like that airport and we use it really often for our travels. It’s just that it gets more attention in Infinite Flight is what I am not happy about.

It is to big and to popular

Mine is the same as CBR04 CVG

My home is YBSU. A very beautiful airport. YBBN is the big international hub and is and hour away.

Come on, we’ve done home airport, favorite airport, favorite RWA airport, favorite IF airport, where can you travel from you home airport, what airlines serve your home airport, what snacks does your home airport have…all a thousand times each


Tim has a point you know. For all I know, the next trending topic could be “What color crayon is your favorite to eat?”… 😐