What is the most Popular Airport in Infinite flight! Or Your favourite!

Hello IFC! So I have been thinking of an idea of a topic and I thought about what is the most popular Airport in the World of infinite Flight just leave a reply of what you think is the best you have 4 choices EGLL KLAX KSFO KJFK! Thank you for leaving a reply if you did and I hope to be trust level 2 soon! And Happy Flying!

EGLL= 2 votes

KLAX= 9 votes

KJFK= No votes

KSFO= 2 votes


I think it’s either KLAX or EGLL honestly—when combining all servers


Yeah Great Choice!

@Captain_Oblivious Can you be more specific please pick one so I can count.

Remember one thing, Quality over Quantity, more threads that are helpful, informal, are better then posting X amount of useless topics. And the most “Popular” In Expert changes every day. Especially for big events or even FNF. And probably should check this out for more info on TL:)

Only saying this because you said something about getting the next trust level :)


No I read the article already it is fine I was just saying that because I am pretty close!

You should make a poll. But as said above by @Alphadog4646 this topic serves no purpose.


I will edit it when there is change do not worry.

It has to be KLAX (or at least on the CS)

Ok KLAX with 2 EGLL with 1

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This does not include Expert Server.

This only includes TS and CS

Then you already have your answer. You named the four.

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No I am seeing what community opinions are.

That’s the most accurate way to conduct an experiment. Try to isolate only one variable ;)

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Ok @AlphaSeven @Alphadog4646 you made your point there is no need for this topic. :(

I am not trying to be rude. Just doesn’t make sense. As we know what it is for Casual and Training… but expert is always different. all i was trying to get at so

I think SFO is the Best in my opinion

Don’t worry. You may find a few answers that you wouldn’t have thought of with the community’s opinion.

SFO in my opinion too