What is the most difficult approach in IF?

@Maxmustang Thanks for checking it out. I had no idea that runway was officially not recommended. Based on the playful airport name, I hoped it was the devs messing with us by creating a fake airstrip with an impossible approach.

Good luck scouting the area! If you are not in a hurry to get to the NW horse farms, I would recommend taking the eastern corridor north. I don’t know the real title of the area, but if you stay east of Mt. St. Helen, Mt. Adams, and Mt. Rainier, you will find some great valley airstrips like Tieton State 4S6 and Ranger Creek 21W. They are challenging, but not as difficult as the approaches the highlighted in this threads responses.

I’ve never been to this part of the world, but IF makes me want to take a vacation!

@Down4Double… Wait a minute! Did’nt say it not recommended. It’s recognized and surveyed by the FAA and on the charts. It’s not some bogus throw away just slapped on the IF chart. It’s real, it a “Private” Strip. Go to AirNav.com, note the Rwy recommendation is by the owners who have an Insurence Liability if some dumb cluck hits the mountain thus the warning.
Green Acres is real and surveyed… Sorry if I was unclear. Mad Max Sends
(Note: every airfield on the IF Chart is right off the Sectional. IF Dev’s are professionals they don’t dick around. You should have full trust and confidence in IF it’s by the book)

Yeah, it’s cut right into the side of the hill. Watch your wings! Hers’s another shot that shows the RNY 36 approach ledge a little better:

Here an address you can plug into Google Earth to see this marvel for yourself:
18320 Bollinger Canyon Rd, San Ramon, CA 94583

Some websites mentioning Little Hands say it’s Left traffic on landing RNY 36. I think they meant Right traffic as that’s a better approach direction (going up canyon instead of down).


Seems like IF has a database list of all airports, not just those on the charts as 59CA isn’t, but there it is in IF!

Yeah, yeah technical I know.

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@Maxmustang, no worries. Thanks for the clarification, that’s pretty impressive that the devs are so committed to realism. I had no idea! I just flipped though several of my favorite airports on that website, and they were spot on. That is a nice resource! I suddenly feel the need to do some more research into the places where I am flying!

@Laurens, I usually stay away from the Caribbean region because of the lack of route options. However, I spent some time today shooting approaches at TFFJ. That field was made for the Caravan!

Runway 10 would make for a great host to a fly-in event for GA. Especially since it has ATC facilities! If someone organized an event there with controllers, I would definitely make the flight. Small field, almost no parking, and almost nothing else around, I bet the pattern would be full of aircraft!

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London City’s 5.5° approach is pretty difficult too (for those who do it in the right way).

I make it only with the Embraer E-190.
Intercept glideslope at 5.000 ft 10 miles from the airport.
Spoilers In-flight to keep the pitch positive.
Shortly before touchdown set spoilers to armed and try to slow down in time (very short runway).

@Nik yea i tried out 59CA yesterday in a C-208 and yes that airport is testy…and for the first time i actually landed at 7A8 which to me i thought was really difficult…but i got that bird of the ground and room to spare…

Any airport/approach can become challenging, you just have to know what to do!

Should be challenging enough

Who cares :/ Just dive in straight in 33 like EGLC approach


@dush19 I feel some tension on what you’re saying. Please ephasise what’s going on, and I’ll try to help as best I can.

That’s what I do, sometimes I get down to < 300 feet AGL going in like that. Might have chopped the chairlift off.

Just come over the mountain before 33 near the TouchDown and do a 5.5 deg approach like EGLC :)

Let me guess, No A318? :(

DJ, was just being funny. in an A380

I just commented that, just to add a little bit of character and Emphasis into what point you’re trying to get across ;)

Did you guys really bring back a 5 month old topic just to bash on it? I thought these meaningless peanut antics were suppose to be limited to the Lounge…


@Down4Double, what lounge? The one in my sitting room? How would you know that? STALKER!!

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Is your lounge really scattered with peanut antics?!

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