What is the most difficult approach in IF?

@Maxmustang, no worries. Thanks for the clarification, that’s pretty impressive that the devs are so committed to realism. I had no idea! I just flipped though several of my favorite airports on that website, and they were spot on. That is a nice resource! I suddenly feel the need to do some more research into the places where I am flying!

@Laurens, I usually stay away from the Caribbean region because of the lack of route options. However, I spent some time today shooting approaches at TFFJ. That field was made for the Caravan!

Runway 10 would make for a great host to a fly-in event for GA. Especially since it has ATC facilities! If someone organized an event there with controllers, I would definitely make the flight. Small field, almost no parking, and almost nothing else around, I bet the pattern would be full of aircraft!

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London City’s 5.5° approach is pretty difficult too (for those who do it in the right way).

I make it only with the Embraer E-190.
Intercept glideslope at 5.000 ft 10 miles from the airport.
Spoilers In-flight to keep the pitch positive.
Shortly before touchdown set spoilers to armed and try to slow down in time (very short runway).

@Nik yea i tried out 59CA yesterday in a C-208 and yes that airport is testy…and for the first time i actually landed at 7A8 which to me i thought was really difficult…but i got that bird of the ground and room to spare…

Any airport/approach can become challenging, you just have to know what to do!

Should be challenging enough

Who cares :/ Just dive in straight in 33 like EGLC approach


@dush19 I feel some tension on what you’re saying. Please ephasise what’s going on, and I’ll try to help as best I can.

That’s what I do, sometimes I get down to < 300 feet AGL going in like that. Might have chopped the chairlift off.

Just come over the mountain before 33 near the TouchDown and do a 5.5 deg approach like EGLC :)

Let me guess, No A318? :(

DJ, was just being funny. in an A380

I just commented that, just to add a little bit of character and Emphasis into what point you’re trying to get across ;)

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