What is the most difficult approach in IF?

I’m searching for new destinations in the current regions that have real challenging approaches, and it got me wondering what is the most difficult approach in IF?

Lately I have been spending a lot of time shooting approaches at Green Acres Air Park 7OR6 in the Seattle region, and I can’t land anything bigger than a Super on runway 30. Even in the Super I can barely get a wheel down in the first half of the runway (good thing that plane can stop on a dime).

I am curious, are there any approaches you have found that give you a lot of trouble? Part of me has always wondered if the devs put some “hidden gem” airports in these regions.


Dever region, KASE always a tough one for me


(@Down4Double); Here’s 3 that will challenge the most experience Recip GA driver:

  1. SoCal: Las Trancas 17CL. All 1300 gravel ft. ( over water approach)
  2. Denver: Aspin COO3. All 2500 Dirt ft. ( Narrow valley run-in, up hill)
  3. Frisco: Big Bear L35. A muni, high mountain valley. Try it on a windy day)
    Master these and I’ll feed you more (Contact MadMax here, have Caravan will travel)
    Mad Max Sends

Try landing on 02 at Pulau Tioman (WMBT) in the Singapore region.


Little Hands in the San Francisco region is great for a challenge. I can’t remember the code, but there aren’t that many airports there so should be easy to find


Ha Alexei! You beat me to it. 59CA (Little Hands) in the SF region. Here’s what final approach looks like in real life!

I learned to fly out of Oakland and have flown right over this spot many a time but I’d never heard of this airport until someone mentioned it last week. It’s not on the charts (by owner’s request) but it is active, with permission. You can see why they wouldn’t want to make it known! And call ahead to get that trailer off the runway.


I don’t know many of the small airfields, maybe there are some more difficult ones, but in my opinion it’s TFFJ runway 10.

Try 7A8 in Charlotte Region…that’s a big challenge…runway 30…LOL!!

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Try out HI23 south of Hilo…only a 1250 x 20 ft rwy…see if you can land anything bigger than a Cessna there…before you shoot off the end of the runway…try a fighter …or anything else…cutting the throttle and gliding in at the right time is crucial …if you want to stop on the runway…enjoy…maybe not the hardest approach …but certainly in the category…IMHO…


Difficult(ish) landings to try…

59CA (little hands) san fran - always take off R18 and land at R36
Co68 wilson ranch Denver.
WMBT (Paulo Tioman) Singapore - very restricted swing in entry. 02 end blocked.
approach right pattern and hug the bay shoreline.
L35 SoCal

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@MitchellJames Flew WMBT this morning in a SuperD. Rwy-02 Piece of Cake// Rwy-20 a challenge but a hard right brake skirting the cliff and a tip toe short final greases it every time. Mad Max Sends
(Rwy-20 STOL only, don’t believe me give it a shot and report it here if you make it)

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@Nik Your right about “Little Hand” it’s a hard nut. Reminds me of C003 in Denver. Flew it today in a SuperD. Rwy-18, Up the Valley, Hard Right Brake your in uphill, probably hell if gets a quartering/cross wind. Rwy-36 is another story. Over the mountain and thru the wood! The D has no Flaps, so over the mountain I went, skirting the face. Chopper the throttle on the way down the chute. Tip toeing all the way, uphill, still doing 40k midfield. Just got it stopped as I left the dirt. Best of 3, wheels just on the dirt. This was a good choice I want to try it in a Caravan. Flew Tiomen today as well, see the bullet. Know CO-68 & L-35… Good stuff. Mad Max Sends

I just tried Wilson Ranch CO for the first time. That is a lot of fun! I like that you can actually feel the high altitude performance difference in IF. Going around got a little scary for a second.

@Recxx. Flew the Hawaiian Group back in the day in a Bronco. There’s some real challenges in the Group. For me it’s the high altitude Ash/grass strips.Try
Hi-25/28/29 &31 on the Big island. Warm Regards, Mad Max Sends

@Eric_Schmeric that is an impressive pic. It looks like there is a slope going across the runway. I wish that slope was more pronounced in the game.

(@Omari_Joseph) Smokey Mtn High. Know the region well, lived in Costal Carolina back in the day. Used to Deer Hunt at Banner Elk. Lots Day Lite VFR Strips up that way. Them Country Boys just take a Bush Hog or Back Hoe and chop down a tree or two and there it is. The rich ones ( Weed Farmers) improve them and stick up a Unicom Antenna inplace an Avgas Blivite and there in the FBO biz. Regards, Mad Max Sends


@Maxmustang have you ever tried Green Acres Air Park 7OR6 in the Seattle? Don’t be fooled by the name it’s not a picnic.

@Down4Double, Just flew Green Acres in my SuperD. It another dussey! Shear Cliff at one end and short as hell. Read the NOTAM it recommends an over the river approach to Rwy-12. Rwy-30 is not recommended and we both know why. With canyon exits E/W and a climbing turn out you can make a 30 departure STOL. I tried, hard to get a SuperD enough energy in 1100’ to pull it off though. The Green Book recommends a Columbia River Approach & Recovery/Departure via 12 always. This is Columbia Gourge country first time I been there. Usually fly the maretimes out by the Horse Farm. Now that you pointed it out I’m gonna scout the area. Next go I’ll fly down the Columbia to the Gourge. Regards, Mad Max Sends

@Maxmustang sorry I may have said the incorrect runway, I was going off memory - whichever end has the cliff face is the one I was referring to…