What is the most detailed airport and plane?

What is the most detailed airport and plane?

Most detailed airport was asked recently.

Most detailed plane is generally the one added the most recently and that is the 747

Witch one of the 747s

They all are nearly the same in detail. If you’re talking about which has more content (which in turn technically can make it more setailes), 747 SOFIA with moving parts and a visible interor or 747-100SCA with all of the addons+the space shuttle on top.

Otherwise, they should all have the same features

Like @Boeing707 said, that nearly all are same.
(If you don’t count B787 or A321)
The most detailed cockpit is for me B767.
You can read every thing in the cockpit if you zoom in.


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Sure I would

Most detailed Airport will be EGLL as I have just redone it!
(See http://kiltmchaggis.com/tikiwiki1/tiki-index.php?page=EGLL)

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