What is the most appropriate step I should take next?

I have passed the written test for IFATC already.

My recruiter once arranged a practical test to me on 17 June 2021, but he cancelled it 2 min before the scheduled time.

Then we re-arranged the test on 21 June 2021, but he disappeared without leaving a message at the scheduled time and only reply my message after one night time.

Then he proposed having the test on 22 June, but disappeared without leaving a message AGAIN UNTIL NOW!!!

What is the most appropriate step I should take next, if I still want to apply for IFATC?

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Firstly, I would keep this as a discussion between you and your recruiter. The best way to proceed is to rebook a practical and hope that the timing works.

However, you may also contact @ Tyler_Shelton (Saving the ping) if your recruiter does not answer. Please do try to message your recruiter in private, though, as to avoid the situation becoming a public issue.



I have messaged the recruiter privately, but no reply is received! I have no mean to find a way out, that’s why I have to make a post here.

Thanks for your information.

On more thing… Where can I use the “@Taylor_Shelton” to contact Mr. Shelton for my next step?

How long has it been since you messaged your recruiter? I’d give them 24 hours to respond.

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“D”: message sent by recruiter; “C”: message sent by me

D : (21 June 2021 at 2350z) proposing a re-arrangement of test on 22 June 2021 at 1000z

C : (22 June 2021 at 0056z) accept the proposal (acknowleged by the recruiter)

C : (22 June 2021 at 0926z) a 30min advance message for the test sent

C : (22 June 2021 at 0948z) as no response from the recruiter received, I sent a message asking for the ICAO for the test.

C : (22 June 2021 at 0959z) I sent a reminder.

C : (22 June 2021 at 1006z) I sent a screenshot to the recruiter showing that I was once ready.

C : (23 June 2021 at 0106z) I ask for the reason.

C : (23 June 2021 at 0506z) Sent this group message.

Therefore, it has been over 24 hours after my last response to the recruiter (22 June 2021 at 0056z) and it has been the second time which he disappeared at the test time without a piece of word.

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Will has made sure you’ll be taken care of. If you don’t here anything in the next 24 hours please send a PM to Tyler.

In the future, if you don’t hear from a recruiter after a few days it’s best to PM Tyler or the moderators and we can handle things. That’s better than going to a public post :)

Best of luck in your test!