What is the max speed you can go in a jet before you get a violation

I was just flying a jet and I just wasn’t sure what is the max speed you can go on the casual server without getting a violation?

There are no restrictions on the Casual server. No violations, no ghostings.
There are also no speed restrictions on fighters on any other server.

How sure are you that you can’t get a violation by going a light speed in a jet?

I am 100% sure.
I’ve gone at mach 3+ in a jet on the Casual server. There are NO violations on Casual.

There are no casual server restrictions, however once you move up to the training and expert servers, under 10,000 ft you may only fly at a max speed of 250 knots (airspeed) and above 10,000 ft 350 knots (airspeed).

Note fighter jets in general have no speed restrictions no matter which server you are flying on.

No speed limit on jets. However, in controlled airspace you should be, well, under control.

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I wonder what @Mark_Denton has to say about this subject?

Mark Denton would say very similar things to mentioned above, I believe tagging him was a useless move.


Callum, everyone here has said the same thing.
There are NO restrictions on the Casual server. You can fly on there and go at the speed of light in a 787 without any violations, and you can go at any speed in a fighter on the Casual server as well.
You are fine. Mark would say the same thing.
It’s called the Casual server for a reason.

OK thanks I was just worried that if I go to fast that I would get a violation as I am trying to avoid getting a violation

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