What is the max amount of photos you can post in a plane spotting topic?

I want to post some more plane spotting photos but there is a lot? What is the most I can post?

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As much as you like I believe, I have seen many with at least 10+ pictures minimum


One of the recent ones had like 20+.


That’s probaly me, I’m talking more like 40 or 30. Should I just split them


Just post the best regardless of how many, if there are too many the mods will tell you


That OR Tambo one was yours? Haha, it had so many pictures the forum kept crashing for me 😂

There’s no limit. Feel free to post as many as you want, as long as they are good photos. ;)

Upload it to Flickr or imgur, 20+ images are considerable space.

May I post them in parts

It still takes the same space :)

Do an imgur album btw.

Okay thank you :)

You can add a lot, I wonder if there’s a limit.


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