What is the longest someone has ever flown in Infinite Flight?

Hi, how long is the longest someone has ever flown for as I am looking to beat that with so much time on my hands.

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You can find a few here!

I can’t remember an exact link so I’m trying to research a little harder.

Hey unfortunately this is similar to another post

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Ive flown Auckland to Doha in a Qatar A350 17hrs 20mins. Beat that

That’s a bit competitive 😆

And beaten. Not by me though, I’m not that patient 😂

@InfiniteBrafitYT I’m flying till like Wednesday non stop

How are you?

Well I will have some fuel stops obs @InfiniteBrafitYT

Lol obviously

Hi again

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I’m not trying to be a “minimod” so excuse me if it sounded that way.

Lol just talk to @iidvdii. This guy is awesome, I don’t think anyone’s done as many ULH’s as him. Legend.

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My pre globel record…

I flown Singapore to New York Stewart in 18 hours, that isn’t hard tho

My longest flight is more than 85 hours .


Nonstop flight using B777-300ER

What route and what aircraft?

There was a flight with a KC-10 air refuelling more then once. Had a thread in here, but haven’t found yet. Guess that was the longest.

Well all of these long flights are impressive, though none of them come close to the achievement of flying London-Amsterdam without a Pro subscription (it is doable)

Don’t cheat the system just becouse you can, get a subscription

If any mods happen to see this, you’ll be handed over a plane ticket to Ban island! 🔨 🌴