What is the longest route in IF with no stops?

Remember I don’t want routes that go around the world. E.g - KLAX round the world and KLAX landing again at same airport.

Do you mean IRL routes? Or the legit furthest the plane can handle?

Not IRL routes the furthest the plane can travel.

Then you are already cutting those out…

Yes I want to find another one.

Then maybe LAX to San Francisco around the world. But if you really want to reach the absolute limit of the aircraft then it needs to be around the world properly. Or you could take off, set off in a particular direction and just land at the closest airport when your fuel starts to get low.

@BP-Aviation which airplane will be good for the longest flights.

But I told I don’t want ones around the world

Probably the B787’s, A350-900 or B777-200LR. But if you do not go around the world it does not matter since you will never really get that close to pushing the long haul aircraft to their limits. To reach the limit you have to go around the world.

But I use flightplanners for IF, they will not show flight plans around the world!

They can, just put in multiple flight plans, then just put KLAX-RKSI, RKSI-LEMD, LEMD-KLAX. But dont set any STARS or SIDS and then you can go around the world when putting them together

But how to do it?

Open 3 tabs and make three separate flight plans then copy and paste them in one after another.

Ok Thanks.

A350 or B787, maximum fuel, no passangers or cargo

I flown the london - sydney route with no stop. With the 787-9.


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