What is the longest possible route to fly in IF?

I’m just wondering, what is the biggest possible single route from one place to another that you can fly in IF? DONT SAY FLY IN CIRCLES!!! I want to get some hours in on both infinite flight and British Airways Virtual. Thanks!


Honolulu to Hilo PHNL-PHTO


The attached thread was closed but feel free to search the forum for some long hauls “in regions.” Safe travels bud :)


That’s long? Really I didn’t know that

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There is global coming out soon. (And please don’t make a topic about it)

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Yep. It has taken me 1 hour and 30 minutes with the 787 (my flight plan was long) and it has taken me 2 hours to get there with my cessna 172


For me, this route was a great route for me to gain hours. Takeoff from KNXP fly to and over KEDW–> fly by KNUC, ----> fly by KSDM ----> flyby KPSP -----> land in KLAX.

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If you fly the actual route from KTPA to KMIA you can surpass the time needed for the PHNL-PHTO route. Especially if you have a RWY 1R/L departure from KTPA to a RWY 30 arrival at KMIA.


For BAVA I suggest you use the route sheet to find your longest routes. The longest one I can find from a quick glance is KMIA-KTPA in a 75/76/78 or KPDX-KSEA in the 77/74/380 or KSFO-KSFO in the 77/74/380. I don’t know what rank you are though.


My daily route is departing from runway 25R at KLAX flying straight until the boundary then turning right and heading north until the boundary then turn right and head straight until the boundary then turn right and head south until I’m about 80nm from KSAN and then I begin my descent at 2,000fpm then I land at KSAN one way takes an hour in a 787-9 then I start at KSAN later on in the day and do the same route backwards both take an hour


Fly in squares… :)

Otherwise i believe it is PHNL-PHTO.


Very clever lmao haha

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global is close so this topic isn’t really needed, but If I am to answer, I would say Singapore change to kuala lumpur

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Let’s continue here;