What is the Longest Flight you have flown in Global?

Well, the title is pretty self-explanatory. What is the longest flight you have flown in global?

With the advent of the Infinite Flight, long-haul flight, how many people are doing those LH/ULH overnighters?

So to keep this thread clean I ask that pilots report their longest flight in this format:

Aircraft Type
Amount of fuel used
How long it was, both NMI and time are fine.
Anything else you want to add ie. a screenshot.

I also ask that the flights are continuous, ie. no fuel stop halfway through.

I flew EGLL-MMUN last night in the BA 777-300ER, just over 9 hours! That is the longest global flight I have logged so far.

So where have you flown? Let me know down below!

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KSFO-WSSS which was 15:27 hours.


KIAD-OMAA which was a 12 hour and 42 minute flight. Overseas, overnight.
Was based off of a real life route, in a Etihad 787-10.
Used about 207647 lbs of fuel.
Have tons of screenshots. Here’s a few:



(Both approximately 17hrs)


Flew from YSSY-KLAX 14.30 minutes with a DAL 777-200ER. Had an extra 2.30 hours do to a tailwind

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2.5 Hours from Tallinn to London Heathrow


I’m boring.

I have no idea how much fuel I used…
Took me about 4 Hours - 5 Hours. Battling headwinds in the morning.

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Flight time 8hr 7mins because tailwinds

I had 4 hours of fuel left when I landed

Currently doing YPPH-NZAA via a skywriting route. It’s already been 11 hours in the air, 3 hours to NZAA. 777-200LR, and I will have a couple of hours reserve due to me filling up the tanks completely

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Cape Town to Johannesburg, about 2 hours

Good luck with the 14 hour-er!
I will be (hopefully) doing ZUUU-EGLL the wrong way round tonight. Should be a good 14-16 hours or more!

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thx. And since I have so much fuel, the actual flight plan enables me to fly back across the Tasman without any fuel stops and to YSCB then YMML

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The longest I’ve done was:
KMHT-BIKF in a Boeing 787-8 4 hours and 1 minutes. Transitioned from Day to night along the way, as well as the moon was starting to appear

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Same as you mate 🙂 I used 89,000 kg of fuel (reserve of 8000) on BA777-300ER , 9h44 mins

OTHH-KMIA Approx 16 hours, in a Qatar 77W. Had 18 hours of fuel and had a 150+ knot headwind :(.

KSFO - OMDB. About 15hrs flight time. I’m currently over Russia, 4h 50m left. Emirates 77L.

From a realistic route from OMDB TO YMML, 13 hours even with peddle to the metal

Mine was going to be MAN-SYD but LNAV failed so did the flight. So currently it’s HKG-MAN until tommorw morning when I work out whether MAN-MRU is longer or shorter than that :)

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I am about to fly to Dubai from Zurich In a A330-300. I’ll post pictures